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Art Afterschool 
Your child would not only learn about technique, but will also immerse into the art making process of accomplished living artists.
This is a fun, creative, hands-on program that also addresses real world problem solving about recycling. 

Involving the "whole child" in the arts gradually teaches many types of literacy while developing intuition, sensitivity, reasoning, imagination, and dexterity. 
Interested in learning more?
Additional fun activities throughout the year.

  • Paint outs
  • ​Sketching 
  • Chalk drawing
  • Treasure hunting for art projects with recyclable & found items
  • Classes may have a wide range of ages
  • Taught by professional artists

Advanced registration is required. Limited spaces available.
If your child attends both sessions...
Mondays are FREE 
& a Birthday Party for 10 is included!


Any One Day Tue to Friday
 Tue & Thu   or   Wed & Fri.

3:30pm to 5:30pm
5 - 11 Yrs Old 

Learn painting techniques while learning about the masters. Will introduce color, elements of art, art history, and a variety of materials and techniques. Learn classic drawing techniques for still life, landscape and portrait. Study the old masters and living artists as well, in a gallery environment where children can draw direct inspiration from upcoming national and international visiting artists. Special guidance for stellar students and apprenticeships are available.

Painting mediums are charcoal, pastel, watercolor and acrylic. Each session is different.  Tuition is per month and will be prorated for November & December per fall schedule.

A credit card is required for ALL registrations, even if paying by check. 
It is assumed automatic re-enrollment each month.  
You will receive an email confirming final program costs including any applicable discounts.

Artists are exemplary problem-solvers and life-long learners, constantly striving to improve, deepen and refine their artistic expression. They work specifically with the skills of creativity: discovery, wonder, and recombining the stuff of the world into new knowledge. If human beings have managed to survive through the development of skills that allow us to collaborate: language pictures, gestures, movement, "it follows that the art originate deep in our intelligence," in our ability to survive by means of creating and understanding metaphor. 

Education in the arts is an irreplaceable medium for developing this intelligence. Successful teaching artists help provide a tangible link between the creative process and all kinds of learning, and they make manifest in classroom and community settings the human drive to survive by making meaning of our world.